When you choose PPC Flashings you will receive high-quality metal flashings, rainwater goods, and accessories providing you with the assurance, reliability, and design you will be proud of.

Our sheet metal fabrication machinery is capable of producing high-quality products for many different applications within very short lead times and includes the following:

  • Two SWI simplex slitter/folders
  • A SWI duplex slitter/folder
  • Two fully automated SWI slit to length lines
  • Clincher
  • Hydraulic Guillotine
  • CNC Pressbrake
  • Assorted hand folders
  • Other varied light fabrication machinery

This means quicker and more efficient manufacturing processes, enabling PPC Flashings to meet urgent job requests and project specified deadlines.

At PPC Flashings, we have the supply connections and quality flashings, and rainwater goods to service your building project needs from start to finish.

Our capabilities matched with the expertise of our people enables us to create both standard and custom flashings and rainwater goods.

The PPC Flashings team aims to provide you with the finish, quality, and reliability to keep your projects running efficiently, on-time, and to budget.


Our selection of folders, complete with the latest technology and intuitive programming allows PPC Flashings to bend a variety of flashings and profiles to meet our clients’ specifications every time.


  • 140-Degree Fold Angles
  • Integration with eBend app (soon to be available)
  • Recessed Fold Apron Geometry
  • Minimal Clamp Movements Speed Up Cycle Times
  • Sleek Clamp and Apron Designs Eliminate Catch Points when Folding Flashings


  • Maximum Fold Angle: 140 deg
  • Width of Apron: 10mm-15mm folder dependant
  • Fold Accuracy: +/- 1 deg
  • Maximum Backgauge Position: 1220mm
  • Minimum Backgauge Position: 10mm


Our slit to length machinery, sometimes referred to as a coil lines can automatically produce flat sheet, cut to length, and width directly from the coil, dramatically improving efficiency for all our clients. Especially for custom flashing, where long length narrow strips are required – our SWI Marxman Plus and SWI Marxman Pro automatic slitters can help eliminate hours of handling and processing.

Cutting material straight from the coil to the required length significantly reduces the amount of scrap and wastage. We look forward to discussing your requirements and providing the best solution for your next project with our automatic slitters.


  • Material up to 1.6 mm
  • 8 Sets of Slitting Blades
  • Powered Five Roll Straightener
  • Automatic, Easy-To-Use Nesting Function
  • Label Printer and Applicator


  • Maximum Coil Width: 1244mm
  • Minimum Coil Width: 200mm
  • Part Cut System Minimum Length: 400mm


Clinchers are an ideal addition to any modern workshop.

They allow our staff to effectively do multiple fixings on thin gauge material efficiently without penetrating or damaging the surface of the product.


  • Ability to secure painted material together without the need for holes
  • Neat clean lines
  • Ability to facilitate efficient manufacturing times
  • Low-cost assembly alternative to rivets, screws or spot welding


Pan brake folders are utilised for all types of intricate sheet metal folding details.

This Schechtl folder has segmented tooling on all three bar elements, upper beam, lower beam, and bending beam giving us the capacity to bend all four sides and produce complex box shapes with alternate projections up or down.


  • Adjustable top and bottom clamping jaws
  • Removable folding teeth
  • Quick adjustments for material thickness
  • Lockable wheels for easy movement
  • Folding capacity is 1.2mm thick x 1200mm long


Our Shingle folder is a special piece of engineering. Designed specifically in Europe for the manufacturing of metal shingles.


  • Pivoting bottom fold arm to allow for bend radius
  • Backstops to make sure every panel is exactly the same
  • Adjustable clamping jaws top and bottom


Our Magnetic folder is one of the most versatile folders we have in our workshop. It allows our team to form a myriad of different products and folds that wouldn’t be capable on other folders.


  • Suitable for all types of sheet metal
  • Including steel, aluminium, copper, titanium zinc, and stainless
  • Perfect for deep forming of channels, closed sections, and all those hard to do folds
  • 3200mm x 1.2mm Capacity


Our new Guillotine offers even more to our valued clients to support with all their residential and commercial project requirements.


  • Hardened blades to suit stainless steel Cr12MoV – pneumatic sheet support system
  • 1000mm back gauge range
  • Rake angle adjustment
  • 10spm
  • 7.5kw motor power
  • Estun E21S control
  • Rear safety light barrier
  • Machine weight: 9,700kg
  • Machine size: 4650 x 1890 x 2075mm


  • 8mm material capacity
  • 4000mm maximum material length


Our new CNC Pressbrake is utilised for all types of intricate sheet metal fabrication and bending work.


  • 5 axis CNC (Y1, Y2, X, R & CNC hydraulic crowning compensation)
  • 2 front sheet supports moving
  • Delem DA-66T touch screen graphical CNC control
  • 2D graphical touch screen programming mode
  • 3D visualisation in simulation and production
  • 17-inch high-resolution colour TFT
  • User-specific application support within the controllers multitasking environment – Sensor bending
  • Weight: 15,000kg
  • Size: 4610 x 1600 x 2590mm


  • 160-tonne bending force
  • 4100mm bending length
  • 3600mm between frames
  • 410mm throat depth
  • 215mm ram stroke
  • 520mm open height


PPC Flashings offer technical product information you can rely on for your projects. We can manufacture and provide the flashing, rainwater goods, and accessories required to complete your next project from our on-time and to budget.

As every building design project is different, if you require custom technical advice the PPC Flashings team can discuss your project specifications and requirements to work with you to fabricate to your individual job requirements.


Speak with the PPC Flashings team to learn more about our products, finishes, fabrication capabilities, technical information, price, and any other general questions you may have.