VMZINC® provides the freedom to create architectural masterpieces. The flexibility, malleability, and versatility of zinc, combined with its elegance make it the perfect material for innovative building projects.

As architects and designers continue to seek sustainable materials, zinc will continue to be specified in a diverse range of uses including residential, commercial, rural, government, and a variety of interior applications. VMZINC® as a chosen finish will demonstrate extraordinary adaptability. When used appropriately this extraordinary material finish will enhance building designs and give them a memorable vibrancy.

Making your next project a success with VMZINC®

According to VMZINC® the following basic principles should be taken into account to make your next project a success:

  • Ventilation: ensure the air gap located beneath the support allows the evacuation of humidity caused by internal condensation.
  • Compatibility: Certain products when placed in contact with zinc can have detrimental effects on the appearance and integrity of the zinc.
  • Expansion: Any work involving VMZINC® must allow it to expand and contract freely.
  • Maintenance: Ensure that the zinc is not handled in an area with great temperature variations.

VMZINC® Brochures

VMZINC® Building Principles Brochure

VMZINC® Technical Information Brochure

VMZINC® Focus on Zinc Brochure

Information Source

All information regarding VMZINC® and associated products has been sourced from the VMZINC® website.


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