Roofing Accessories


Our roofing accessories comprise:

  • Fixings
  • Battens
  • Gutter Boards / Brackets
  • Safety wire
  • Insulation
  • Membrane
  • Polycarbonate / Fibreglass Sheeting
  • Ventilators & Skylights
  • Access Hatches

Fixings, Sealants, Rivets, Touch Up Paint

A variety of roofing accessories are readily available making us not just a manufacture, but a one stop shop for all your roofing, cladding and rainwater needs.


We stock a standard 40mm roof batten, however custom heights can be achieved on request. The spacing of the battens on the trusses or rafters depend on the type of metal profile used these are applied 90 degrees to the direction of the profile being installed.

Gutter Boards & Brackets

These are used in the installation of box gutters when required to meet industry standards. Box gutter brackets come in three standard sizes ranging from 250mm -1000mm. Gutterboards are available in either corrugated or spandek with a standard width of 600mm but upon request can be trimmed to your requirements.

Safety Wire

Galvanised safety wire must comply with AS/NZS 4389:2015 this is used on commercial roofing projects where falling hazards are deemed a risk.


PPC Flashings can supply various types of roofing and cladding insulation depending on your necessities. We are also able to supply any accessories that may also be required to fulfill your building specifications.


Here at PPC flashings we stock a range of vapour permeable roof and wall wraps. This product allows for the controlled escape of vapour from within your building whilst restricting the access of liquid moisture. This helps to protect the building core and insulation from condensation and related problems such as mould, timber rot, corrosion and loss of thermal resistance. Membrane tape is also available.

Polycarbonate & Fibreglass Sheeting

Polycarbonate and fibreglass sheeting can also be supplied by PPC Flashings. It is a durable transparent sheet with high resistance to climatic conditions. These products are used in a wide range of applications including roofing and building construction.

Ventilators & Skylights

Ventilators provide effective natural ventilation of the roof space which helps prevent damp conditions that cause mould and mildew. Skylights provide ventilation as well as light for many types of roofing installations. Ventilating a building with an operable skylight releases the hot air that naturally accumulates near the ceiling.

Access Hatches

Access Hatches supplied by PPC Flashings provide safe and easy access to the roof area. These can be manufactured to your customised requirements.

Custom Orders

You can custom order a variety of roofing accessories, made to your specifications with a diverse range of material finishes to compliment your project.

Our high-quality material finishes comprise:

  • COLORBOND® steel
  • elZinc®
  • Aurubis
  • Unicote® LUX
  • Customer supplied material finishes (contact the PPC Flashings team for more information)


Speak with the PPC Flashings team to learn more about our products, finishes, fabrication capabilities, technical information, price, and any other general questions you may have.