RHEINZINK® Titanium Zinc is manufactured to the highest of standards. providing a natural finish that ages with time, is maintenance-free and 100% recyclable. Perfect for any walling, cladding and roofing application.

RHEINZINK® is available in three natural finishes: 1. Bright-rolled: develops a classic blue-grey appearance due to the formation of the patina. It protects the metal from corrosion; 2. Blue-grey: provides an elegant look with no colour coating or phosphate; and 3. Graphite-grey: similar to Blue-grey provides longevity, alloy-based with no colour coating or phosphate.

Reasons to use RHEINZINK®

  • High-quality materials form a firm foundation for trust. After more than 50 years of development and experience in the production of titanium zinc, it is no surprise that our materials have a reputation for being very robust and long-lasting. 
  • Custom solutions to fulfill your requirements. The perfectly harmonised individual components can be easily and quickly assembled. 
  • Highly economical products combined with impressive services. RHEINZINK® materials are of long-lasting high quality and have a long service life thanks to the natural properties of titanium zinc. 
  • Experience means safety. RHEINZINK®’s made-in-Germany quality is immediately apparent and proven by many outstanding reference projects.

RHEINZINK® Brochures

RHEINZINK® The Patina Line Brochure

RHEINZINK® Architectural Details Brochure

RHEINZINK® Facade Cladding Brochure

Information Source

All information regarding VMZINC® and associated products has been sourced from the RHEINZINK® website.


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